RICTA auction frequently asked questions

Bidding for every domain is open to all citizens in Rwanda, in Africa and overseas. A bidder can be Rwandan or non-Rwandan, individuals or corporate bodies.
There is no other prequalification a part from providing correct sign up details on the platform mainly contacts such as email and phone number
For PREMIUM NAMES, no payment will be done until the bid is closed for each domain after which the highest bidder will be awarded. The highest bidder will have to make payment DIRECTLY to RICTA who will reach out to the client to finalize with the domain registration name process. However, for the BUY NOW package, clients will pay immediately to the RICTA account either through MOMO or VISA/MasterCard
Each domain will be open for auction for a period of 60 days beginning from 14th August to 13th October 2023.The auction will close after the 60 days.
For each domain, after 60 days, all the bids will be evaluated by RICTA and the domain awarded to the highest bidder. The RICTA team will contact the winner with details on the next steps.
For each domain, RICTA will communicate directly to the winner.
Bid winners will make payments directly to RICTA. The winner will have to confirm to RICTA his/her chosen registrar.
The bid price is exclusive of VAT.
In case of a tie where there are more than one winners, the domain will be subjected to further auction pitting the winners only.
No. Premium domains will be listed periodically during land rush period.
The portal accepts both Rwandan Francs (RWF) and Dollars (USD) respectively
A bid for a domain will be re-opened ONLY in a case where there is no clear winner i.e. there is a tie on the highest bidders. In this case auction for the affected domain will be opened strictly for the highest bidders in a tie for a period determined by RICTA.
In this case RICTA will award the domain name to the second highest bidder.

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